Global City Mission Initiative, Kim Gassaway, Sponsored Missionary
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In chemistry, a catalyst is added to either start or accelerate a chemical reaction. Mission Catalysts enter cultural settings as missionaries in order to start or accelerate the advance of the Gospel. Driven by the mission of making disciples, we are evangelizing, planting, training, partnering and modeling in order to start or accelerate movements of disciples making disciples. Our goal is to spark greater movement towards the Kingdom of God. We are committed to the transformation of individuals, families, and communities through Christ-centered discipleship. By initiating or stimulating the work of disciple-making, we are seeking to align ourselves with God's mission of redemption, reconciliation, and transformation in a broken world.  As a result, we are seeking to be catalytic in at least three key activities: 
1. Gospel Sharing & Starting Churches
Every week, Mission Catalysts in urban communities, share the message of the Gospel with those who haven't heard or have not yet bowed their knee to Jesus. Throughout the week, city dwellers originating from any number of nations from every continent in the world are hearing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are initiating friendships and boldly communicating the Good News. Evangelism methods are both direct and conversational.  As missionaries, we seek to be bold and relationship-oriented.  
The primary task of the GCMI team is to compassionately communicate the Gospel  with the goal of making disciples and planting new churches. We work to find people who are receptive to learning from the Holy Spirit and who are willing to be transformed by God's Word.  We intentionally plant churches in ways that are simple and reproducible. Working in the context of global cities, we recognize evangelism may result in both a local and global impact. Mission Catalysts are actively involved in evangelism and church planting.
2. Coaching & Mobilizing for Mission
In many cities, there is a missionary force with untapped potential.  Many followers of Jesus desire to make a difference but remain on the margins of kingdom work. Many believers are active in their faith but struggle to boldly share in their community. Cultural barriers can discourage these believers from witnessing to neighbors. Also, sometimes Christian leaders have a vision for sending out their brothers and sisters but they need help turning that vision into reality in the face of a constantly changing urban society. Catalysts are needed to change the status quo, aid in training, and help advance the Gospel within the city.  
A key way to reach a city is to equip the believers already in the city as vocational missionaries. GCMI seeks to equip believers in becoming active ambassadors of Christ reaching out to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and bridging to other nearby cultural groups. Through modeling, coaching, and/or training, GCMI helps mobilize Christian believers to make disciples and start new communities of faith right where they are. Mission Catalysts are actively equipping believers to be part of an evangelistic movement in their city.  
3. Consulting & Equipping Churches
We are deeply committed to the mission of the church.  Globalization, urbanization, and international migration are posing significant challenges and opening up amazing opportunities. Yet many churches cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the stature of the cultural changes facing them today.  
The GCMI team is enthusiastic to help. Every set of circumstances is different and presents its own challenges as well as unique opportunities. As Mission Catalysts bring experiences from the missionary edges to the church, we bring an ability to think "out-of-the-box" and a desire to help equip churches for evangelism in a diverse global world. Mission Catalysts listen, consult, & teach in order to help churches to become a missionary presence in their communities.

Global City Mission Initiative

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