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Our current study is "Woman of Significance" through the book of Ruth. This is an online study meeting Mondays in May at 8pm. Details below. Follow LMCC Women on Facebook or Instagram...
Our current study: "'Woman of Significance" meets online Mondays in May at 8pm. Register Here.
Each lesson is written to give you daily time (about 35 min.) in the Word over a one-week session. Study on your own or join the weekday live lessons, then join us at our Monday night group study for discussion and teaching with Pastor Jennifer. Download each week below:

Woman of Significance Lessons
Week One - Online review of this lesson: May 14

Week Two - Online review of this lesson: May 21

START HERE: Study the Bible with Heart & Mind

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the "How to Study the Bible" lesson outline.
Our Hebrews study has concluded, but you can still download and complete the study on your own. Each session is also on our Facebook page, YouTube or the Dwelling Richly podcast to watch and complete along with Pastor Jennifer.
Each lesson is written to give you daily time (about 35 min.) in the Word over a two-week session. Study on your own or join the weekday live lessons, 
Download your Hebrews Bible study lessons here:
Hebrews Chapter 1 & 2
Hebrews Chapter 3 & 4
Hebrews Chapter 5
Hebrews Chapter
Hebrews Chapter
Hebrews Chapter 8
Hebrews Chapter 9
Hebrews Chapter 10
Hebrews Chapter 11
Hebrews Chapter 12
Hebrews Chapter 13

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Online Study: Hebrews

Online Study: Ephesians

Online Study: 1 Peter

Online Study: 2 Peter

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::Active Studies::
Hebrews: Radiant
 (Sept 2017 - April 2018)
2nd & 4th Mondays, 6:30pm or Tuesdays, 9:30am for Teaching and Small Group Fellowship.
Also available as an online Bible study September 26, 2017-April 24, 2018 
>>> Weekdays live at 7am on our LMCC Women Facebook or
>>> Each study session is available on and the Dwelling Richly Bible study podcast.
::Past Studies::
Summer 2017 Coffee Talk - Summer Reading Schedule
View/Print: The Whole Coffee Talk Summer Study through Week Eight - be patient as it downloads
View/Print: Psalm 139
View/Print: Psalm 119
View/Print: James 1 & 2
View/Print: James 3
View/Print: James 4
View/Print: James 5
View/Print: 1 Peter
View/Print: 2 Peter
View/Print: My Story-His Glory
View/Print: Ephesians
Spring 2017 "The Gospel of Luke"
Print the Study - Listen Along Here or use the player below
View/Print: Start Here: How to Study The Bible Reading in? Or drawing out? Eisegesis vs Exegesis - It matters!
Fall 2016
"Rejoice in Hope"
View/Print: The Road to Emmaus
View/Print: The Lord's Prayer
View/Print: Psalms
View/Print: Job
View/Print: Ruth
Jennifer Richmond, Women's Pastor