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LMCC is a neighborhood church providing each person with a meaningful worship experience in a casual environment. We have found that God is about relationships, not religion.  Some describe us as a "church that feels like a church" - big enough to meet your needs, small enough to know your name. We are a place where you can find answers to the big concerns of life:
·         Encounter God in an atmosphere of celebration and adoration.
·         Connect with God and your community by understanding the fullness of God's plan for you.
·         Restore the relationships, dreams, and purposes for your life that may have been damaged by the difficulties of everyday living.
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Prayer & Praise

Health, Strength, Wisdom, Abilities and Income.

 posted by: Hanan Gandasubrata on 1/17/2017

Greetings to Prayer Team / Intercessors of La Mirada Christian Church, PRAYER REQUEST :... Read More

Prayer for Ingrid's son, Steven

 posted by: Pastor Jerry on behalf of Ingrid Holly on 1/12/2017

Steven has applied for a better job and is waiting for word on the new opportunity. Thanks to... Read More

Health Issues for both young ladies

 posted by: Mary & Nancy (by posted by Pastor Jerry) on 1/6/2017

Mary has been ill since Christmas Day and is currently in the hospital in the Hemet area. ... Read More

Her Father's Passing

 posted by: For Pastor Jennifer Richmond on 12/5/2016

With sadness we report that Pastor Jennifer Richmond's father passed away in his sleep last... Read More

Kim underwent surgery to remove his gall bladder on Saturday, 12/02

 posted by: Pastor Jerry Robertson on behalf of Pastor Kim Gasaway on 12/3/2016

I spoke to Diane Gasaway at 8:22am on Saturday, 12/03 & she told me Kim may be able to come... Read More


 posted by: dena-antoinette chisholm on 11/27/2016


Had a stroke

 posted by: Sarah Leverone on 11/27/2016

Sarah is the niece of Dave & Pam Martz. She is 39 and had a bleed in the center of her brain... Read More

Family-wide Illness

 posted by: Jon Ceballos Family---by Pastor Jerry on 11/22/2016

Sore throats, coughing, headaches, fever etc has returned to the Ceballos household. This time... Read More

praise for baby Luisa born 11/06 & other family members

 posted by: Pastor Jerry D. on behalf of Ed DeGeorge family on 11/7/2016

cousin Nenete (cancer)/cousin Olive husband left for another woman/salvation for brother Noel... Read More

My Coworkers Grandson

 posted by: Janet on 11/7/2016

Please pray for Jorin. He has chosen a bad path in life and is leaving God out of it. Read More


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