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Greetings from La Mirada Christian Church!

LMCC is a neighborhood church providing each person with a meaningful worship experience in a casual environment. We have found that God is about relationships, not religion.  Some describe us as a "church that feels like a church" - big enough to meet your needs, small enough to know your name. We are a place where you can find answers to the big concerns of life.

  • Encounter God in an atmosphere of celebration and adoration.
  • Connect with God and your community by understanding the fullness of God's plan for you.
  • Restore the relationships, dreams, and purposes for your life that may have been damaged by the difficulties of everyday living.

We are a multi-generational gathering of people on the spiritual journey that everyone travels.  Meeting the needs of every person, regardless of their "age or stage" in life is our mission.  We do this through a unique blend of worship styles that makes relevant the rich heritage of the Christian faith while keeping up with today's styles and trends.

All of this, and a keen focus on teaching the Bible in a way that is meaningful, intelligent, and dynamic; breaking down mysterious Biblical concepts into understandable and relevant teaching. We like to say that you should "bring your brain and your sense of humor!"

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, from skeptic to Christ follower, crumb-cruncher to senior-saint, LMCC is a place for you to encounter, connect, and restore.

We've got a donut with your name on it!

Looking forward to meeting you soon, 

Jay Mahan
Senior Minister 
562.943.2213, ext. 1    24/7

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